A local Maine barbershop called, A Little Off The Top in Brunswick was featured on ABC World News Tonight by doing something extremely considerate and tender hearted. According to WMTW Channel 8, the segment told the story of a sign on the outside of the shop that includes pricing and reads,

If this creates a hardship for you, please let me know. No body will be turned away for lack of ability to pay. I'll work with you.

This doesn't happy often. It's evident that owner, Lynn Cressey wants everyone to feel good about themselves no matter what they have in their wallet.

According to the article, Lynn has owned this barbershop for 17 years, she is a mother of 9 and a grandmother of 38. Sadly, within 2 years, she lost her father and her husband and almost her business due to COVID19.

But, due to the immense acts of kindness from her customers, this gave her the inspiration to give that kindness back.

Lynn says throughout that tough period of time,

They would send cards, they would call and check in and see how I'm doing, they would text me say 'how are you doing, we miss you, And that in itself got me through it because it gave me something to look forward to in coming back.


She also said that the pandemic was able to show her how much people truly depend on others, as the article says.

People put up a façade. When I ask them how they're doing, they'll all say, 'I'm doing good, I'm going fine.' But if you talk to them and look a little bit closer and listen a little bit more, you'll know they're not. A lot of them just need a hug.

Lynn Cressey, WMTW

This one act of kindness will now create a large domino affect. It has already affected so many. The simplest action of generosity can have an abundant influence that will strike and take hold of anyone who needs it.
As Lynn says, sometimes people just need a closer look and a hug.

If you like to visit A Little Off The Top, check them out on Facebook here!

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