Unless you were born yesterday, you have probably come to realize that people are really opinionated when it comes to the restaurants they like.  Nearly everyone will tell you what restaurants they like and what restaurants they do not like.  However, very few restaurants (especially chains) have FANS!

Well, that is exactly how it is with Chick-fil-A.  If you have ever had a conversation with a person who really likes Chick-fil-A you'll often find that those people don't just like Chick-fil-A, they LOOOOOVVVEEEE Chick-fil-A.

Because of that, we're sure there have been some really bummed-out people in the last few weeks.

According to WABI, the Bangor Chick-fil-A location has been closed for about a month so that the restaurant can go through some extensive remodeling and updates to the location's drive-thru and interior.

The wait for the return of the restaurant is almost over!  According to the news station, the restaurant will re-open on Tuesday, April 25.

The article did note that the outside of the restaurant is still a work in progress.

A press release from Chick-fil-A states that the "restaurant features an updated interior floor plan to maximize the customer experience and once complete, will include a new drive-thru design with a separate entrance to improve traffic flow."

The press release goes on to say that the exterior renovations plan to be completed in June.

The only other Chick-fil-A location in Maine is in Westbrook.

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