The insane amount of rain brought by yesterday's storm has caused a rise in the Kennebec River.

As a result of that rise, we're getting word that one Central Maine town has issued a voluntary evacuation order.

According to WMTW, police in the Fairfield have been going door-to-door in an effort to warn residents about the rising river.  Specifically, they are warning those on the river side of River Street.

As of 7 AM, police and other fist responders were going door-to-door to warn people.  According to the article, the Victor Grange Hall would soon be open as a shelter.

The Kennebec River is not the only Maine river that has swollen to high levels.  The article goes on to say that the Swift River at Roxbury reached a new record of 14.2 feet.  As of six o'clock on Tuesday morning, the Androscoggin River in Gorham was at 8.57 feet, which is minor flood stage.

Parts of Western Maine got slammed with over 5" of rain in a few short hours.  As a result, portions of that region had to deal with flash flooding.  In fact, damage from flooding has forced the temporary closure of Sunday River ski resort in Newry.

Over in Conway, New Hampshire, the Saco River reached 17.7 feet on Monday.  For the Saco River, that is considered major flood stage.  The article explains that level was the second highest on record. The article also noted that the level had dropped to 11.7 feet by Tuesday morning.

If you encounter a flooded road, please do not attempt to drive through it.  It may seem like it is only a few inches deep, but it could be much deeper.

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