Damariscove is an island just about five miles offshore from Boothbay Harbor. It was once a bustling fishing community but is now a ghost town. This island was inhabited by European fishermen as early as 1605. The Plymouth colony benefited from their rich cod resources when in 1622 they sent a boat up for food as the colony was starving. In its heyday it had a large enough population to support a school, trading post and several homes.

Seems like such a lovely quaint place, and it is...but it all has its very own ghost story.

According to local folklore, Captain Richard Pattishall still haunts the island with his ever faithful dog. Pattishall, who just happened to be Paul Revere’s great grandfather,  was sailing with his dog in his sloop one day in 1689. He was somewhere between Pemaquid and Damariscove when he was attacked by the native Americans that resided in the area. He was beheaded and his body was tossed overboard. His faithful companion jumped in after him. Their bodies somehow managed to wash up on the shores of Damarisove. It is said they still walk the island together to this very day.

When the fog comes in over the island you can sometimes catch a glimpse of both man and dog wandering the island. Visitors have reported hearing a dog bark as well. This may not be too unusual except no dogs are allowed on the island.

Others report seeing a mysterious woman in white. She beckons to them from the sea. Legend states she has frightened a least one poor soul from the island never to return.

The island is now owned by the Boothbay Harbor Land Trust. You can explore the island, if you dare. And if you do, make sure you check out the Life Saving Station built in 1896. The station is credited with saving many a fisherman’s life.

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