came up with their list of the 21 Best Hot Dog Joints in America.

The hot dog is a true symbol of America. The hand-held treats are inexpensive and tasty. However, not all hot dogs are created equal, there are some out there, hidden among the stadiums and food carts of the world, that are fit for a king. tracked down the 21 best hot dogs in the country. They traveled far and wide, consulted their in-house experts,  in the pursuit of the nation's greatest tubed meat. Simones' Hot Dog Stand in Lewiston, Maine came in at #2 on their list!

Here's what they said about Simones' Hot Dog Stand.
' Why are Maine’s “red snapper” dogs bright red? Is it because, after so many lobster rolls, Mainers are confused by bunned foods of any other color? Is there a weird fetish about satanic nether regions? Honestly, we don’t care why they dye the natural-casing bastards bright red. All we care about is how good they taste, especially when steamed up by Simones' (you can get them grilled too... don’t) and served with a little splat of chili and cheese. Like a lobster roll, they’re served on a split-top bun. Unlike a lobster roll, they'll cost you $4.'


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