Don't you just love to prop up at a restaurant, order something warm and people-watch?

What's even more comforting is to find a place that has a view. Maine provides excellent scenery this time of year and there is nothing better then food and views. Let's get started.

It's natural to want to discover the restaurants here in Maine with the best view, but with a twist.

Yes, I do agree that it's wonderful in the summer to eat outside and enjoy the sunny hot days, but what about the incredible foliage we have during our fall season?

Do you ever yearn to go to a charming restaurant in Maine, eat some delicious seafood chowder and peep the birds and the squirrels frolicking outside?

Many times we take the beauty of Maine for granted. When I researched these restaurants I found many that I haven't been to that I am determined to visit now.

For example, I absolutely fell in love with Peter Ott's On The Water in Camden. The setting of this ethereal place is so magical and I cannot wait to sit and enjoy the fall view.

Peter Otts on The Water via Facebook
Peter Otts on The Water via Facebook

Below is a list of 10 Maine Restaurants with Remarkable Views for Fall!

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