Over the last few decades, Maine has slowly become a "foodie" paradise.  It started in Portland, but, within a few years, had spread to some of the more artsy coastal towns.  Now, "foodie" culture is literally everywhere.

There are few communities in the state, no matter how small, that don't have some amazing restaurants and stores selling unique food items.

One of the newest "foodie" stores is Amour: A Curated World Market.  You'll find this cool shop in downtown Augusta.  They have a carefully chosen selection of wines, sakes, and meads.  They also have a selection of pre-made meals, desserts, spices, instant meals (like ramen and Middle Eastern rice dishes), and more.

One of the canned beverage options that stuck out to me is Eagle Brewery's Banana Bread Beer.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

While the idea of a banana bread beer may sound a little strange, it really does make sense.  For centuries, beer has been referred to as "liquid bread".  In this case, though, it is "liquid banana bread".  As we understand it, the beer comes from a traditional European recipe and it tastes just like the banana bread that your grandmother made when you were a kid.  Except, this stuff has a 5.2% kick!

Eagle Brewery, based in Bedford England, also has a sticky toffee pudding flavored beer.  I'd be down for trying that!  It sounds good.

From what we hear, Amour is one of the only places (if not the only place) in New England to get this banana bread beer.  So, stop by their store on Water Street in Augusta to grab a six pack.

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