Over the last few days, we have been talking a lot about the heatwave that is supposed to hit New England this weekend into the first part of next week.  In fact, starting today (June 5th), it is supposed to get hotter and hotter.

If you follow the weather, you probably know that hot and humid weather can often lead to some strong thunderstorms.  It looks like that is what we'll be dealing with this afternoon.

According to WMTW, weak front will move through most of Maine on Saturday afternoon, which could lead to the development of thunderstorms.

The towns with the greatest chance of seeing severe thunderstorms include Augusta, Waterville, Lewiston, Auburn, and Bangor.  Basically, the storms are most-likely to hit Central Maine and Maine's western mountains.

There is also a very small chance that we could see a tornado.

Hopefully, most of these storms will pass us by.  However, please take appropriate precautions.

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