Want to see some moose, deer, beavers, eagles, bobcats, and LOTS of other critters?

The Maine Wildlife Park in Gray is open with limited space for guests. I saw the story on WGME about the park taking groups of visitors of up to 10 per party, and there is limited entrance each hour to space things out. This helps with physical distancing and makes for a less crowded experience. 

You do need to make reservations. Those are free, and you book it online, but you will still need to pay the park entrance fee when you arrive and want to get into the park.

They have been doing it like that at the Maine Botanical Garden in Boothbay, and it was terrific.

The Maine Wildlife Park’s web page did point out that things like the programs, tours, and other features are not running. But the bathrooms are open and being cleaned regularly.  

If you are from out of state, you are welcome to visit if you have met the State of Maine guidelines, and no matter if you are from away or a Mainer to your core if you or anyone in your group is not feeling well, cancel your reservation and stay home.  

They also request the basis we are all working under like don’t touch stuff you don’t have to, physical distancing, and wearing masks where physical distancing is not possible.

I am kinda excited about this visit. I have been staying close to home most of the time, but with some vacation time on my hands, I will be spending time enjoying summer in Maine, and with fewer visitors, I will relish some summer fun in a way I might not of in a typical summer.

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