Getty Images, photo by Brendon Thorne

A 19 year old man from Tennessee stole an 18 wheeler claiming he was being chased by zombies. He had hitched a ride on the 18 wheeler for 100 miles before the driver knew he was on board and there the driver gave him a ride until they got to a way station. Once the driver got out of the truck the 19 year took off.

He says zombies were attached to the truck and he was surveying to try and shake them off. He caused multiple accidents and finally overturned the big rig. He tried to force a man in a van out so he could continue running, but the man and some bystanders grabbed him and held him until cops arrive for the arrest. 19 year old Jerimiah Clyde Hartline thought zombies were chasing him but apparently he was under the influence of a substance that caused him to hallucinate.