Women all over the world outlive men and it all comes down to genetics. Science thinks they have found a way to even the playing field, so to speak.

The average life expectancy for a man is 79 and for a woman it's 82 and in some countries can go as high as 89 for women. Science says there are 6 thing men can do to boost life expectancy and check out what the #1 thing is:

Stare at Boobs: Yep, it seems like an invasion of privacy but somehow it creates a positive mindset for men. They say staring at boobs gives the same effect as looking at a cute puppy.

Have Lots of Sex: Something all men like to hear but there is a good reason. More sex equals a decrease in a man's mortality rate by 50%. It's good physically and it's a great way to release stress.

Get Married: Simple truth is married men live longer. Seems living with somebody has a health benefit.

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