You are what you eat...I think.  OK, so...apparently, there are specific foods that will attract women to the opposite sex.  As a woman, I have my own thoughts of what attracts me to a man.  Is it food?  Hhhmmmm.  Let's break it down.

According to HNGN...there are FIVE foods that leave a woman burning with desire for the man eating said foods.

  1. Celery - In general, celery is incredibly good for you.  High in vitamins, fiber and other 'good for you' stuff.  This boots your pheromones...sending off a scent that is only detected by a woman...I guess, then, making you completely irresistible.  Funny...I always thought it was the smell of Drakkar Noir & Gravity (Hey, I'm a 90's girl) that turned me on.
  2. Truffles - OK...this one disappointed me.  I read the word TRUFFLES and immediately thought 'creamy chocolate'...that is NOT what this is.  It's a form of a mushroom.  And you just lost me.
  3. Parsnips - Help boost testosterone.  I agree...I know a lot of men who need a lil 'pick-me-up' in the testosterone department.
  4. Carrots - Increase sperm count and motility.  Okaaaaay?  (birds chirping)  I've never thought 'Hey, your high sperm count really turns me on'
  5. Tomatoes - Sperm count goes up...

So, how beneficial is this information.  I guess eating celery is worth a shot.  But here's some sound advice...from a woman...

  • Brush your teeth
  • Wear clean socks
  • Wear clean underwear
  • Shower
  • Be motiviated
  • Wear Drakkar Noir or Gravity (lightly)
  • Have a source of income


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