Getty Images, photo by Larry Busacca

In one of those unexplainable events life gives us every now and then, a clean-up after Superstorm Sandy, has provided one of them. As billions of pieces of debris were being cleaned off the beaches in the Northeast, one worker in the small town of Patchogue, New York, noticed a green plastic ginger ale bottle that looked like just another piece of garbage.

A temporary worker hired to assist with the cleanup after Sandy was the one that found the bottle and noticed there was a note inside. Why that particular bottle caught his eye, no one knows. Turns out the note was from, then, 10 year old Sidioie Fery, who wrote the note 12 years ago and threw it in the ocean off Long Island. Sidonie was born September 11, 1991; she died in an accident when she was 18 in 2010.

The note in the bottle was a single piece of paper that had a quote from Sidonie’s favorite movie, ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’, it read: ‘Be excellent to yourself, dude’. The note also had a phone number on it and Bill Waldron of the Patchogue parks department called the number in Manhattan and left a message stating what he had found. Three hours later he received a call back from a crying woman, Sidonie’s mother, and he was told of the story of her death.

Waldron said it was as if the girl was looking down from heaven and wanted him to make that call. Since then the mother has recovered the bottle and a plaque was placed on a rock near the bridge at Patchogue Long Island Beach Club where the bottle was found. The plaque reads: ‘Be excellent to yourself, dude’.