During a meeting of the Frankfort Coast Guard in Michigan, someone noticed a dog jump into the water. Frozen water between Lake Michigan and Betsie Lake and the guard rushed out to save the dog.

Mate third class Tim Putnam swam through 200 feet of ice to reach the dog while other members of the guard helped in any way they could. It took Putnam 24 minutes to reach and return with the dog. The dog, nicknamed Betsie, was not chipped or collared but the owner was found.

Over the weekend the Canadian Coast Guard, which patrols the area twice a day, got wind of a dog photographed clinging to ice in the waters north of Montreal. They didn’t see the dog but said even if they had, they wouldn’t have rescued it. They said it’s not in their mandate and there is no logic behind putting people at risk to save an animal. It’s not known what happened to that dog.

Note to dogs: If you're going to jump in frozen waters, do it in the U.S., not Canada.