There's something to be said about sticking with your ride. Some would say the older it gets, and the more miles you have on it, the less value it has but, those people are not Brian Murphy. Brian lives in the Chicago area and by trade he is a courier and spends quite a lot of time of the roads.

Up until recently, he could be found driving around in his 2007 Nissan Frontier. Now Brian admits, he likes to stick with his rides unlike myself that tends to flip vehicles every few years.  Brian on the other hand, was committed to keeping his truck on the road, and he did, for 13 years, driving and delivering items for 13 hours a day. On average Brian drove about 77,000 a year. Yea, do the math. He racked up over a million miles on that 2007 Nissan Frontier!

This is especially interesting to me since my daily driver is also a Nissan Frontier. Mine just crack 100,000 miles and I admit, I like replace my rides once they hit that number, I think it's some old school logic that everything is going to go wrong and need to be replaced soon after a 100k on the odometer. However, according to Murphy

"the original clutch lasted 801,000 miles, the timing chain was replaced as preventative at 700,000 miles, and the radiator and alternator lasted about 450,000 miles each. Even the driver’s seat lasted a half-million miles before being replaced."

Somehow word had reached Nissan and when they heard one of their trucks broke the rarely-seen seven-figure barrier, they invited Brian to this year's Chicago Auto Show where they gave him the VIP treatment and also announced they would trade him a Brand NEW 2020 Frontier for his old model. And that they did at the very dealership where he bought the truck over 13 years ago. Brian said

“I’ll miss this truck, no doubt, but I’m glad it’s going back ‘home’ to Smyrna, at the same time, I’m ready for my next chapter, and I can’t wait to experience my new Frontier and its all-new powertrain.”

Although Murphy admits, being 62, he doubts that his new ride will be reaching a million miles with him behind the wheel as he is looking to semi-retire soon.

Brian's 2007 Frontier, which he said is still running great, is being sent back to the very factory that produced it in Smyrna, Tennessee as a testament to it's durability.

Guess I should think long and hard before trading in the one I have...perhaps there is a new one waiting for me too...only 900,000 more miles to go!

CLICK HERE to read the full press release from Nissan North America

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