Last week, we got word that Morgan Wallen was going to be following up his incredibly successful "Dangerous" tour with a new world tour.

His "One Night At A Time" tour is scheduled to get kicked off in New Zealand in late March.  Why?   Well, "down under" the seasons are reversed.  So, late March is more like late summer instead of mid-spring like it is up here.

Once the weather starts to warm up in the northern hemisphere, he'll be starting the North American leg of his tour.  That part of the tour will get kicked off in Milwaukee in mid-April.

The closes he'll come to us is a show at Fenway Park on August 18th.  Whoops!  Make that TWO shows at Fenway Park!

According to the Major League Baseball website, Morgan Wallen will also be performing at Fenway Park on August 17th!

He'll be joined on the tour by Hardy, Bailey Zimmerman, and Ernest.

Can't make the Boston show?  Other nearby stops include If you can't seem him in Boston, other northeast stops include East Rutherford (New Jersey) on May 19th, Pittsburgh on June 15th, Philly on June 17th, and Montreal on September 23rd.

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