The Dominique Ansel Bakery in the SoHo section on New York is the one who brought us the ‘cronut’. They are donuts that have the shape and texture of a donut but the crispy, flakey texture of a buttery Croissant, sort of a hybrid croissant-donut, thus named the ‘cronut’.

The bakery has been shut down after failing a health inspection, so no more ‘cronuts’,  at least for a while. The Department of Health closed them down because of a mouse infestation and the bakery needs a professional exterminator to fix the problem. A customer posted a picture of a mouse in the bakery on line and the Health Department stepped in. Now the basement will be re-cemented and the bakery will be exterminated.

The hope is to open soon because the ‘cronut’ has become a food craze in New York with people lining up hours before the bakery opens in hopes of getting a fresh ‘cronut’.