My parents on their wedding day, December 26, 1957

Because Valentine's Day is around the Corner and Love is in the air, we're going to take a trip back to 1959 when my father was stationed in Germany and writing letters home.  More than gifts and baubles and candy and other things money can buy, the greatest gift one can give to someone they love is time, their emotions and hopes and dreams.

dads letter 1

Every letter began the same way "To My Dearest, Darling Wife"

These words have been symbolic for me since I was a little child asking to see and touch these things my mother held so very dear.

While its clear my mother was more sentimental for keeping the letters when none were found from my mother to my father, the love and devotion of a man to his wife while they were separated is palpable when you read these.  I'll be sharing these with you from now until Valentine's Day along with pictures and translations from my fathers terrible handwriting. I hope you enjoy this journey back in time as much as I do.

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