Valentine's Day Tribute to My Parents
My father wrote to my mother almost every day he was in the Army. She saved every letter he wrote and, as we approach Valentines Day, I'm taking a journey back to the 1950's to look inside the hearts and minds of my parents before kids and life changed them into the people I knew them to b…
My Favorite Sweethearts- My Parents
My parents are my favorite Valentine's Day Sweethearts. They married young and were together until they passed away. My mother never remarried after my father died at the early age of 58. As a child I saw these letters tucked away, only to come out on special occasions. As a single woman, the i…
Roll Your Tee Shirt Like This and Save Space
If your packing for a trip or just running out of room in your drawers be you have too many tee shirts, here is a way to fold them to save space. This is an old trick taught to just about everyone in the service.
Randy's College Football Wrap Up, Army-Navy
The big football game this weekend was the annual Army-Navy game. Navy beat Army 17-10 making it 13 wins in a row over the Black Knights. With the win, Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo became the winningest coach in Navy history at 56-35.
Immigrants in Military Policy Expanded
A new Defense Department policy will allow undocumented immigrants to be part of the U.S. military. It will be a small number of aliens that will be allowed to join the service, and is an expansion on an existing program.
San Diego School Buys Ambush Protection Vehicle
San Diego Unified School has landed a new vehicle for its campus, a mine resistant Army truck. It was received through the Pentagon’s excess property giveaway program with a huge allotment coming to San Diego.
Air Force Says No to New Camo Design
The U.S. Army will adopt a new camouflage pattern next year replacing the current pixilated patterned that came out in 2004. While the Army will have the new camouflage the U.S. Air Force will not. The fly boys decided to keep their tiger-striped pattern.

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