As 2016 is winding down I want to take some time to look back at some of the fun we had in the past year. It truly is an honor to have this job and I appreciate the time that you spend listening to the radio station. Sometimes it amazes me that they pay us to do this stuff! 


Here are my five favorite videos that we made in 2016.

5. Auditioning For Kelly and Michael. Michael Strahan announced he was leaving 'Live' with Kelly and Michael. Sarah and I wanted to strike while the iron was hot. So we sent in our audition video to try and become the new 'Kelly and Michael'.

4. Deep Fried Twinkies Taste Test. I enjoy doing these taste tests and this one was very popular at the radio station. We heated up some frozen deep fried Twinkies from Hostess and they were wicked yummy!

3. The First Dollar Store Discovery. I had the idea to shop the local Dollar Store to see what I could find. My first visit found this awesome toy, that I still use today!

2. What's In Andy's Dishwasher? In the over 11 years that I have lived in my mobile home, I had never opened the dishwasher. We finally opened the door to see what was inside.

1. Bee Beverage Roulette. This was my best idea for a video all year. We have a prize wheel and we fillled the spaces on the wheel with the names of different beverages. Randy, Sarah and myself eached spun the wheel twice and then had to combine the two and drink them. I think we are overdue to try it again!

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