It’s New Year’s Eve. And instead of pondering what I’m NOT doing, I’m going to focus on my fond memories of family traditions for the holiday and consider adding some new ones.

It is always exciting to be old enough to finally stay awake until midnight! I’m not entirely sure where the excitement of that went, but I do make the attempt. Or how about telling your friends “see you next year” and for the ones not in the know, watching their confused expressions. My bus driver taught me that one!

We always had plenty of food New Year’s Eve. It included home made clam dip, chips, cookies, and soda. All things not usually included in my daily diet....least when someone is looking!  It was all magical and special spending that time with friends and family.

But it is 2020 so I’ve been searching to find some new and special traditions. Hm...Blowing noise makers alone may seem odd but it’s supposed to scare away the bad luck. Maybe we should all do that one!

Some people in Mexico believe if you wear yellow underwear it will bring financial success for the next year. So noises makers and yellow underwear on the list so far.

In Switzerland they drop globs of whipped cream on the floor and leave it there to symbolize the richness of the coming year. I’m pretty sure that one won’t work in my house. My lab Ozzy would clean it up in a heartbeat.

There is a interesting one from Spain. You have to eat 12 grapes in between the first stroke of midnight and the last. The way 2020 has gone, I’m totally passing on that one. If you do try this one out, know that grapes are a choking hazard and it’s supposed to bring you 12 months of good fortune.

Whatever you do to celebrate, stay safe and stay off the roads if consuming unless you have a designated driver.

Happy New Year to all!

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