Researchers at the University of Bristol's School of Biological Sciences set out to find the answer to the long unanswered question, why do zebras have stripes?

The researchers compared captive zebras and domestic horses and watched as horse flies circled the animals. Upon closer inspection, according to Forbes, the horseflies simply weren't able to pump the brakes around the zebras to land on them as frequently. There are 11 different breeds of zebras and it was noted that those zebras in areas with more biting flies have more stripes. Dr. Martin How, Royal Society University Research Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences stated,

Stripes may dazzle flies in some way once they are close enough to see them with their low-resolution eyes.

This theory was put to the test further when they put different coats on the horses. From plain black to zebra stripe, they were less bothered by flies when they donned the striped coat.

So, there you have it! Zebras sport their stripes to keep the biting bugs away which ultimately helps keep them healthy! Now, who wants to make zebra stripes on trend for summers upta camp in Maine?

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