Everyone has THAT show, the one show that is worth it for them to wait a week for a brand new episode, I personally have a lot of them, but that is besides the point. We have officially hit the new year which means this is the time Networks decide which shows are worth keeping around and which ones are getting the axe.

The shows getting another year are:

ABC: Modern Family, The Goldbers

CBS: The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon

FOX: The Gifted, The Orville, The Simpsons

NBC: Sunday Night Football, The Good Place, This is Us, Will & Grace

CW: None announced yet

Shows that have either been cancelled or are in their final season:

ABC: Scandal, The Mayor, The Middle, Ten Days in the Valley

CBS: Me, Myself, and I, Wisdom of the Crowd

NBC: None so far

FOX: New Girl

CW: The Originals

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