Our phones have become so universally needed we spend hundreds of dollars on the best ones. They can be used to, call, text, send pictures, communicate, there's 15 different apps to communicate with the same people, it's insane. But one use of phones that we all love is it's ability to get us through boring situations whether it's family events, or boring dinners. Here are my favorite apps to get through the day:


Based on the immensely popular youtube series, the Dude Perfect video game is relatively easy, but also incredibly fun. The purpose of the game is to throw the basketball, bowling ball, or whatever ball you choose, into the basketball hoop. Each ball has a special ability to use to get through obstacles in your way. The purpose is to get 3 stars on every level.


This is the newest app i've found and it has become very fun. What you need to do is draw a line to connect the ball to hit the star, it sounds easy, but it can be VERY difficult.

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