What exactly is all the ruckus in Rockland? I’m glad you asked! Ruckus Donuts is a new donut shop located at 377 Main Street in beautiful downtown Rockland, Maine. I had the pleasure of checking this new eatery out and it did not disappoint!

For my selection, I chose Screamin Raspberry, Salted Caramel Crunch, Last Call, Cranberry Orange, and Coffee Crumble. These donuts are generously sized and topped with yummy goodness! Also available this morning was Pomegranate Pear and their very own cinnamon roll. I was slightly late to the game and very clearly missed out on some amazing flavors, but that’s ok as I will be back!

Buzz Bradley/TSM
Buzz Bradley/TSM

The Screamin’ Raspberry was so flavorful that it was a joy to try and the Coffee Crumble was like drinking your coffee and having your donut in one bite. Their Last Call is reminiscent of a funnel cake and uses their left over cinnamon dough after they make their cinnamon rolls. But my favorite was the Salted Caramel Crunch. It was drizzled with the caramel sauce and had tiny bits of toffee sprinkled over the top. All donuts tasted fantastic and the care this bakery puts into not only their flavors but their presentation is evident.

Ruckus Donuts also offers the mandatory coffee and their very own home made hot chocolate. They are open Friday through Monday starting at 7:30 am and stay open until they are sold out, which happens on a regular basis. New flavors are always being offered based on local availability of ingredients and the whims and creativity of the baker. I encourage you to check this place out but get there early.

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