Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all searched embarrassing things on the internet.  Strange medical symptoms, how to do mundane things we should have learned to do years ago, what your high school crush is doing these days, etc.  Clearly, some of those searches are more embarrassing than others.

But, as you typed out the words HOW DO I BOIL WATER, did you ever wonder what embarrassing things people in other places are Googling?

Thanks to Zippia, you no longer have to wonder!

They looked at popular searches on Google between August of 2019 and August of 2020 to come up with the most embarrassing thing searched in every state.

Before we tackle the heavy hitters, let's take a look at the most embarrassing searches in the New England states.  In Maine, the most embarrassing search was DISC GOLF.  While it is a pastime normally enjoyed by college kids, it really is not all that embarrassing - especially when you compare it to some other states.

In New Hampshire it was WHAT DOES NEW HAMPSHIRE MEAN?.  You'd think that the state's schools would have explained this...  In defense of the residents of The 603, maybe it is people visiting the state doing that search.  Much like Maine, it is a massive tourist state.

In Vermont, the search was WHERE IS CANADA?.  Wow...  Just, wow.  For those who are geographically-challenged, Canada is directly NORTH of Vermont.

In Massachusetts, the search is WILL SMITH RAP.  Honestly, I don't find this one embarrassing at all.  Over the years he has had a bunch of great songs.  "Summertime", "You Saw My Blinker", "Gettin' Jiggy With It".  They are all party and club classics, right?

Some of the head-scratchers from other parts of the country include:

Arizona - Feet Photos
Florida - How to get rid of ghost
Hawaii - Mayonnaise Recipe
Iowa - How to get fired
Louisiana - Why do I sweat so much
Mississippi - Is the earth round
New York - Velour tracksuits
West Virginia - why is my poop green

Check out the entire list HERE

So, what's the most embarrassing thing you've Googled?  Let us know on Facebook or through our radio station app.


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