Have you visited downtown Augusta lately?  Did you notice anything new happening on Commercial Street?  Well, if you missed it there is a gorgeous new mural on the side of Huiskamer Coffee House.

The Augusta Downtown Alliance teamed up with mural sponsor Smart Eye Care, and nationally known mural artist Kris Markovich, to bring a little light and love to the city of Augusta.

The Augusta Downtown Alliance really wanted to bring big city type vibes to our quaint little city here on the banks of the Kennebec river. I'm a local girl so it never dawned on me that we don't have many traditional "big city" feel type murals, but if you think about it we really don't.  Sure, there are a few in Portland, but you really have to make the trip to Boston or New York to see artwork like this...  Until now.

mural wall


This mural is so much more then just a mural.  Every time you look at it there is something new and inspiring to see. From simple saying like "may we all live to see another day" to "eyes on the future". If you look long enough you'll continue to find things such as, numbers, the zip code that belongs to Augusta, and the cutest door that says "knock-knock" and the word community.

What can you find?

It didn't stop with painting a mural on the walls along commercial street, either.  The artist even took to his paint brush to several sets of steps near by for a pop of color.

mural stairs

I'm really loving this mural and it makes me excited to see where the next one will pop up.

Where do you think would be a great spot for the City of Augusta's next mural?


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