Rob Dyrdek, who stars in MTV’s Fantasy Factory and has broken 21 skateboarding records including the longest board slide, has another record to his credit. It wasn’t a skateboard record this time; it was a car jumping record…backwards! It was the farthest reverse ramp jump over a car clearing 89 feet and three quarter inches.

He drove a Chevy Sonic doing several practice runs to determine the correct speed and then made the jump. It was held at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, this past Thursday. Before the successful jump, Dyrdek made a safety announcement to the crowd and should have taken his own advice.

He made the jump o.k. but then tried to ‘hot dog' it after the jump, over spun the car and drove straight into a barrier. He walked away with no injuries and since he had complete control of the car after the jump, it was considered the world record.