If you have lived in Maine for more than a few years, you probably remember the nasty weather we got just before Halloween in 2017.  The storm damaged property and knocked down trees, knocking out power (and internet, phones, etc) to thousands of Mainers.  Technically, what we got hit with in October of 2017 was a "bomb cyclone" - more on that later.

While we may not see a bomb cyclone this week, we are expecting some nasty weather over the next few days.

According to the meteorologists at News Center Maine, we can expect colder temperatures (a high in the mid-40s) and rain.  Maine's western mountains could even see some snow showers on Monday.

The wild weather will really kick in on Tuesday and Wednesday, though.  A nor'easter is expected to form around Long Island, New York on Monday and Tuesday.  That storm could bring heavy rain and gusty winds to south and central Maine on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Some estimate say the Portland area could see up to 5" of rain and 40+ MPH gusts.  In Central Maine, we could see 30+ MPH gusts and up to 3" of rain.

We will probably have a much clearer picture of how the storm will affect us within the next 24 hours.  However, it does look like all the nasty weather will be long gone before Halloween.

So, what is a "bomb cyclone"?  According to Fox News, the weather event is also known as a mid-latitude cyclone.  When a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass, a fast-strengthening weather system called bombogenesis can be formed.  This often happens when warm air moves across the cool ocean.

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