There is no denying that the State of Maine is rural... REALLY rural.  North of Central Maine, the state is sparsely populated with decent sized towns few and far between.  Filling in the gaps between towns are large stretches of mostly untouched wilderness.  That's one of the things that draws hikers, campers, and hunters to Maine.

The remoteness of Maine can cause some issues for companies wishing to operate in the northern and western parts of the state.  The International Paper Company, for example.  In the mid-20th century, the company was cutting timber in the remote areas of Aroostook County.  Hauled to processing plants elsewhere in the state, this wood would eventually become paper.

Needing an easier way for executives and other VIPs to get to the remote logging sites, they built a private airport in Northwestern Maine.  Okay, so it is really more of an airstrip than an airport.  However, it does have a paved runway that is nearly 2,500 feet long.  Named Red Pine Grove, the airport is about a dozen miles from the United States / Quebec border, and is located in T11R16.  Yes, it is in an area so remote that it does not really have a name, but some maps do have the township listed as "Dickey".  While no one is really sure when it as built, an edition of the Dirigo Flyer from 2008 says it was built sometime around 1965.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The airstrip has been owned by The Nature Conservancy since 1998.  And, after being closed for a number of years, a new partnership is allowing it to be re-opened for use.

According to General Aviation News, the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have signed an agreement allowing the RAF to manage recreational aviation use of the Red Pine Grove airfield.  Volunteers for the Recreational Aviation Foundation have worked hard to make needed repairs so the airfield can be used for recreational use and emergency landings.

Get more details about the Red Pine Grove airfield HERE.

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