It's true, and I am ashamed of my actions...

Here's a little back story. Buzz and I spent a few hours of our Saturday evening broadcasting live from the United Volunteers of Maine's annual Haunted House over at the Market Place at Augusta. We spent part of the evening mingling with listeners as we anxiously waited for the looks of fear as they exited the Haunted House.

I am sorry for the child I used as a human shield during United Volunteers of Maine's Haunted House on Saturday night.

What started as a typical Saturday for you probably turned into a night you'll never forget. You stood patiently in line as you and your dad waited to get the fright of your life.

After what seemed like an eternity, it was finally your turn, and little did you know that Buzz and Kristi, from Buzz and Kristi in the Morning on B98.5, would be joining you. One of the workers looked at you and asked, "Do you want the dimmed down version or full throttle"?. Without hesitation, you answered "FULL THROTTLE"!

The creepiest doors opened up, and a thick fog rolled out as we started our spooky adventure hoping for the scariest scares. I can't even imagine what your brain was thinking as we walked thru dark hallways with the creepiest twists and turns. Whatever was on your mind clearly didn't affect you too much; you didn't even bat an eye as the spooks started.

As we crested a dark corner, I could feel the ominous nature in the air; something BIG was about to happen... OH, boy, did it! Just as your dad turned the corner, a super creepy clown popped out at us.

You didn't even flinch, not at all...

Me, well, that's another story...

I really am extremely sorry and ashamed of the events that unfolded next.

As soon as the clown popped out, I let out a scream, probably the loudest scream that has ever left my vocal cords... And then, I, an adult woman, used you, a kind and gentle soul maybe eight years old, as a human shield.

I AM SO SORRY; I don't know what came over me, but as soon as that clown popped out, I knew I needed to sacrifice something, and you just happened to be there. So, I pushed you directly into the path of danger and proceeded to save myself.

I am NOT proud of my actions, but we BOTH survived at the end of the night, and I have you to thank for that!

So Thank you, Carson, for saving me and not judging me for sacrificing your life for mine.

Sincerly, the adult lady who sacrificed you, Kristi Marie <3

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