First off, I'm sorry you're child/children are struggling. I know all too well that hopeless feeling your having. I know how you're feeling because I'm living it. I'm living in the midst of the meltdowns, the sneakiness, the attitude, the anger, the passive-aggressive type behaviors, the extreme excitement, and then the burnout. I, too, am living in a full-blown emotional rollercoaster.

I know it's hard for us as parents to cope with our children's unexpected emotions, especially if we are riding our own emotional roller coaster. I don't know about you, but it's not just my children that are struggling; I am too. The best thing we can do is guide them and remind them that they aren't alone. 2020 is hard, even on us as adults.

Children aren't emotionally equipped to deal with a year like 2020, heck we as adults aren't even emotionally equipped for it. Everything our kids have known as "normal" has changed, and if your child is anything like mine, change is HARD.

When the tough days arrive, give love, give compassion, be understanding, be the constant reminder that this is all just a bump in the road of life, and teach your kids that it's okay to admit they're not okay. Admitting we need help is the first step to getting it; let's teach our children just how important their mental health is.

Please remember you're strong, you're kids are strong and that it is okay to seek help. If you feel you can't do it alone, reach out to your child's school counselor, or you can reach out to your primary care provider and ask for advice with coping skills.

It's the strangest year many of us have personally witnessed, and it's the type of year that we all need a little emotional support.

Reach out!

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