mental health

Open Letter To Parents Of Children Who Are Struggling
First off, I'm sorry you're child/children are struggling. I know all too well that hopeless feeling your having. I know how you're feeling because I'm living it. I'm living in the midst of the meltdowns, the sneakiness, the attitude, the anger, the passive-aggressive type b…
988 to Become The 911 for Suicide Prevention
With what appears to be garnering pretty universal support, according to WMTW and the AP, federal regulators are set to make a major change to the number that is currently used for suicide prevention.
For years, the suicide hotline has been 800-273-8255 (TALK), but now the FCC and federal r…
Mental Health In Maine
Mental illness comes in many forms, from depression to psychosis,and unfortunately many people who need treatment do not get it. This is a true story of a friend of mine, Chuck Petrucelly.