My family had the pleasure of hosting a child from inner city New York over the weekend.  Kimberly came to us on Friday after the first host family she was placed with had an emergency.  It was last minute and we enjoyed every second.  If you are not familiar with Fresh Air Fund, take a moment and see what it is all about.

Fresh Air Fund is a program that places children from NYC with host families in Maine and throughout other states on the east coast.  This is during the summer months and usually the visit lasts a week.  All these kids are looking for is the opportunity to feel the grass on their feet and see the stars in the sky.  Anything else you offer them, as a host, is icing on the cake.


We spent a lot of time in the pool and topped it all off at Old Orchard Beach & Palace Playland.  We also made smores and sat by the fire.  It was funny to see her reaction to what we called a city (Augusta & Portland) and we learned that it's common practice to 'kick your car to the curb' and take the subway in NYC.  Kimberly was a great match for us and we hope to see her again next year.

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