Congratulations Norm Elvin!  Your dedication to your community doesn't go unnoticed.  There couldn't be a more perfect person to receive this award.  

Norm Elvin, owner of G&E Roofing, is the recipient of the Peter G. Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award!  This will be presented to him at the 2018 Kenney Awards, hosted by the Kennebec Valley Chamber.

According to the Kennebec Valley Chamber:
Norm worked his way up the ladder from a roofer to the founder and owner of his successful business, G&E Roofing Company. Over the years, G&E has formed a loyal customer base and a reputation for quality. Currently, the company employs 80 individuals with tenure often counted in decades not years. Not only is Norm an accomplished businessman but also a philanthropist who is known for his generosity, dedication, and enthusiasm for his community. Giving back is an extremely important aspect of his life. He says doing so completes the circle and encourages his employees to volunteer. Norm would rather not be remembered for his accomplishments, but for what he has done for others.


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