A virus that scientists believe came from China has killed millions of baby pigs and it may push the price of pork up by 10%. The virus is not harmful to humans or other animals, but is deadly to baby pigs and had already spread to 27 states. No one knows how it got into the country or how it spread but the federal government is looking into it.

The U.S. is the top producer of pork, but production had declined by 7% this year and a pound of bacon costs 13% more than it did a year ago.

States like Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois have been the most effected, but Canada and Mexico have seen the disease too. Estimates on how many pigs have died vary from 2.7 million to 6 million. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the pig population has shrunk by 3%. The pork industry has invested $1.7 million in research to find out about the disease.

Although it does affect humans physically, it will hurt our wallets.