Just a disclaimer, I did pay for the thing I stole. So yesterday when I got home from my vacation I was aware that I had no groceries in my apartment so I went to Walmart to solve that problem. I got some chicken, steaks, lemonade, Propel, and some goldfish crackers as a snack. as I was checking out I scanned my items, paid and left.

When I got to my car I felt like something was off. Not sure what, not sure why, but I checked my receipt, and lo and behold, I did not scan the propel, therefore I am a criminal. As soon as i realized my error I went back inside to pay for the Propel.

Now I would like to point out something crucial. I passed the alarm twice, once when leaving and once when going back to pay, and neither time I walked through did the alarm go off. So, Walmart might want to look into that....

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