Our reason to smile today introduced us to a special group of Girl Scouts.

Troop 6000 is a Girl Scout program specially designed to serve girls in the New York City Shelter System.

These Girl Scouts meet in shelters across the city,led by trained troop leaders.

There purpose is to ensure that girls and women in the New York City Shelter System have the opportunity to enjoy all that Girl Scouting has to offer.

They are motivated by a powerful mission to build girls up with courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place.

However, for girls living in the Shelter System, Girl Scouting means consistency with a weekly meeting where girls know they'll learn, try new things, and have fun.
It also means community with a network of girls and supportive adults who, even if they’ve never met before, are part of the same club.

When families transition out of the shelter and move into permanent housing, it takes time for them to get back on their feet and achieve financial stability. It is essential that girls are able to stay connected to the community and opportunities introduced to them and that they receive financial support that allows them to do so.

So, Troop 6000 established a Transitional Programming Initiative as a permanent facet of the Troop to ensure the girls and their moms continue to have access to Girl Scouting and the community, consistency, fun, and learning it provides.

The bottom line, every girl deserves a chance to reach her full potential, to have her eyes opened to possibilities for college and careers, to make loving and supportive friends, to learn from caring female mentors, and to chart her own course to achieve her goals and that’s what Troop 6000 is all about.

And it's also our reason to smile today.

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