There is just something about grabbing food at some random side of the road joint. It's a crap shoot. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It helps if you have a recommendation but for me the reviews from Yelp or Google are of little value. They are either friends of the place or people who have a beef, yes I went there, with the place.

Today I had a business lunch planned with a client but the restaurant we had planned to go to was closed temporarily for renovations. This time of year on the mid-coast of Maine things and places that are still open are sparse so why not take a chance on a food trailer with an open flag?

That's exactely what we did. My reasoning, it has a popular seafood market in the same parking lot so how bad could it be? Atleast the seafood would be fresh right?

The spot was Delano's Take-out, right on route one in Waldoboro. Pretty typical of your normal take-out haunt with an extensive menu. Too many options is never good for me but I did take a faily straight forward fried clams option with a homemade crab cake on the side. My company decided to go with a crisy chicken sandwich with a side of crab rangoons.

Put on your mask, go up and order & pay and they will bring the end result out to your vechile, it looks like there are spots for picnic tables but it is still early in the year so perhaps in a few months, although with the great weather today I would have gladly eaten outside.

The order came out fast, and hot. Everything was in order and cooked to perfection.

So, next time you are traveling route one in this neck of the state, stop by Delano's Take-out for a fast friendly meal on the go.

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