Over the past few months, its seems like more often than not and even before Summer had a chance to begin amusements parks, festivals and agricultural fairs canceled for the 2020 season.

I can't say its not for good reason, because the health of customers and their families matter more then getting a thrill on your favorite amusement park ride. But, we all are ready for the world to get back to a little sense of normalcy, and I think this news will help with that.

According to Santa's Village Facebook page, the Governor of New Hampshire has given the green light on the reopening of amusement parks. If they are able, amusement parks in New Hampshire can open in late June, however Santa's Village wants to take the extra time to understand and work thru the CDC guidelines that have been set in place.


There will be many changes to the park for the 2020 season.

    • There will be a limited amount of visitors each day.
    • All tickets will need to be purchased online ahead of time.
    • You will not be able to purchase multi day passes.  However, you can  purchased a season pass before June.
    • Season pass holders will be required to reserve days in advance online.
    • There will be COVID-19 screenings before entry.
    • Masks are required while in buildings, in line for rides, and they are encouraged outside.
    • Masks should not be worn in the water park because they are a safety hazard
    • No live entertainment

I hope this little bit of good news brings you and your family a little bit of excitement in the Summer of 2020!


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