This weekend, my family and I took a little road trip to Acadia National Park.  On our way home, we took a brief stop in Bucksport to investigate the mysterious legend behind Capt. Buck's tombstone.  In the picture, you can see what appears to be a footprint.  But how and why is it there?

Legend has it that Capt. Buck, born in 1719, executed witches by publicly hanging them.  On one occasion, a woman's last words were to Capt. Buck informing him that when he dies a footprint will appear on his tombstone of her dancing on his grave.  According to the legend, the footprint appeared and the tombstone has been replaced several times.  Each time, the footprint reappears.  It has even been attempted to be washed off with no success.

Footprint on Capt. Buck's tombstone

The tombstone is now completely gated...and the footprint is clear as day.   Are you curious?  Take a trip to Bucksport and see it for yourself.


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