There are plenty of yummy foods, from treats to meals, in Central Maine.  Definitely a wide variety.  But, if I could only eat 5 things, for the rest of my life, I could easily narrow it down to these delicious items:

Rideouts Market & Grill in Windsor makes the BEST whoopie pies!  I've had a lot of whoopie pies, but none compare to Rideouts!  Hands down, they have the BEST in Maine.

Cushnoc Brewing in Augusta has this pizza.  It's called 'The Diner Closes At 2pm'.  The toppings on this pizza pie is what makes it like no other.  DON'T KNOCK BEFORE YOU'VE TRIED!  'The Diner Closes At 2pm' consists of: yukon gold potatoes, applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar, scallions, topped with two eggs*, smoked ricotta cream sauce, maple syrup drizzle  

Big G's Deli in Winslow is known for their uniquely LARGE sandwiches with equally unique names.  My favorite of all time will always be the Miles Standwich.  It has: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce & swiss cheese.

Sun Sun Chinese Restaurant in Randolph has, by far, the BEST sesame chicken!!  Don't believe me...try it for yourself.

The Vickery Cafe in Augusta has a lot of GREAT things.  Everything is yummy.  But, the cake...yes, the best cake around!

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