Who doesn't love a good spooky movie to get the goosebumps rising?  I have a love hate relationship with scary movies.  Slasher gory flicks don't scare me.  But, eerie ghost films...they freak the crap out of me.  

Here is a list of movies that creep me out...and one particular, might surprise you:

All Paranormal Activity movies...I know they are fake...but they SCARE the SH!T out of me!  I hate ghosts.

The original Poltergeist.  Not sure if it's Carolanne's voice saying 'They're heeeeere!' or the creepy music...or almost getting eaten by a TREE.  Either way...this movie does me in.

An American Werewolf in London.  I saw this movie when I was 8.  Not cool.  This was the movie that made me lose sleep for weeks.  I couldn't watch it, again, for many many years...and then when I did...it was HYSTERICALLY funny.

Now, I realize I said I don't like slasher flicks...but something has intrigued me in the SAW movies.  Sick.  Morbid.  Gross.


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