It's been a long long summer.  Not sure who it's been more difficult on: Me?  Him?  Or the listeners having to listen to me talk about how much I miss Sawyer.  But, regardless, all is right with the world and my baby is home...for a little while, anyway.

Traveling to Texoma (Texas + Oklahoma) was an experience that I will remember forever.  These 2 states (from what I saw, anyway) are BORING.  There is, literally, nothing exciting to look at.  It is flat and bare.  It really made me realize how beautiful Maine is.  Here's a video of the highway:

Operation: Bring Home My Soldier Boy had 2 days of ceremonies.  The first was the Family Day celebration.  Here is the first moment I was able to see my son along with all the other soldiers of ECHO Battery 1/79:



We were able to bring him to the house we were renting for the day.  All he wanted to do was relax and eat.


Second day involved his graduation:

My heart is happy.  I'm so incredibly proud of my son...selflessly choosing to protect a country and your right, as a citizen, to argue about standing for the national anthem or saying the pledge of allegiance...or what bathroom your have the privilege of using...or whether or not our Governor can vote to allow employees to discriminate against sexual orientation.

On our way home, we encountered lightning on the airplane:



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