A Scam Alert by the Somerset County Sheriffs office and other law enforcement agencies is being passed on to inform you of a scam that is making the rounds in Maine lately.

The scam involves a text message or phone call asking if you would like to make a decent sum of money, say $500, and in exchange for the money you agree to have a advertising wrap placed on your vehicle, usually from a national brand but could also be claiming to be local.

Once you agree, they will want your address to send you a bogus check that looks very real, usually for a $1000 or more, they will instruct you to deposit the check in your account, offer you a stipend from the check and have you send the remaining amount to to supposed company that is going to put the wrap on your ride, of course that money just goes directly to the scammers.

Here is the official message from the Somerset County Sheriff, Sheriff Lancaster.

Be safe, and if things seem strange, or unrealistic, contact your local police department.


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