It happened on the way home from my band Sharon Buck & Dixon Road's gig at Moose Alley in Rangeley on Saturday night.

And it wasn't funny.

The police didn't think so either.

I was asleep in the passenger seat of the car while Chad was driving us home. There was ice and fog that night and he went with me to make sure I got home safe. While he was there, I had him sing, too!

We had just passed the Norridgewock line into Fairfield on the Waterville Road. It was around 2:45am. I was awakened to Chad hitting the brakes. He said "What the heck is that?"

I looked out the windshield and there before us was what 'LOOKED' like power lines down.

And as Central Maine Power says "No line is safe to touch...EVAH!"

So we slowed down to a complete stop. I called 911 and spoke to the dispatcher. While on the phone we peered a little closer and Chad said that the lines looked like they were tied to the real estate sign in front of the house. But how could that happen?

Then it got scary!

A car was coming the other way.

OH NO! They were going to hit the downed lines!

They either didn't see it or they were in on the prank. They drove right through the 'power lines' turns out they were toilet paper tied from the real estate sign to the tree across the road.


This all happened while we were on the phone with the police. They said they would send someone out to investigate. Chad said that he noticed weird white lines down a little before this spot. He thought snow or ice had fallen from a power line above.

So whoever did this did it more than once.

I got a call from Officer St. Amand of the Fairfield Police Department the next day. He did confirm it was toilet paper and the one Chad had seen before that was the same thing. He told us the officer that investigated it saw snowmobile tracks at the sign and footprints and that he has a pretty good idea who did it.

That was pretty scary especially when we thought the power lines were going to fall on our car when the car coming the other way went through them.

This is a pretty stupid prank for someone to pull.

Everyone be careful. With all the ice and snow we've had lately, take precaution. You never know if it's toilet paper or not. And with situations like this, let's hope no one else pulls anything like this prank.