The tv show 'Diggers' is a staple in our household. When Ringy and King George find something in the ground, whether it is roundness in the hole, some civ or even some rev (if you don't know the lingo, you will) we all get excited!

"King George" Wyant and his buddy Tim "The Ringmaster" Saylor travel the US and, probably next, the world looking for, basically, buried treasure. When we started watching this show, Chad went right to Ebay and found a $40 detector, just to see what it could find.

It finds everything!

Take a look at a few of the things we found. Some we found in our yard, some we went to a local park and some at a roadside stop. We really wanted to find coins because, well, money is always good, right? But yesterday we found something REALLY amazing!

In the park, we had a moment just like on 'Diggers'!  We really thought about running around screaming and climbing trees and doing cartwheels like they do, but we refrained. What we found...was a round ball!

At least we THOUGHT it was.

Photo by Sharon Buck

Turns out it was actually a nut to a bolt covered in dirt.

Darn it!

We found other things including square nails, foil, pop tops, bottle caps and we also found a nickle...from 1995. We all took turns at the detecting but Chad did all the digging work (he has the muscle).

For a $40 detector, it finds things that are sometimes 12 inches deep. It's family fun we get to have over and over again...and all it costs now is our time.

And to us, family time is the most important time we can have!