More like Sit There! Cue Music! Mime!

I'm kidding. What an incredible experience it was last night at the Knox County Regional Airport! When I first got the notification they wanted me in a movie, I couldn't believe it! Now that it's happened...did it really?

Photo by Sharon Buck

Treat Williams, star of Everwood and the movie Hair, was in town Rockland last night filming a scene from his movie Catatunk Blues. His next stop is today in Augusta. James Stiles from Maine Wedding Films and owner of New England Casting, LLC, cast the movie. He originally wanted myself and Chad but he had to work last night. He couldn't get the night off. So, I called up my friend Jim Egerton of Waterville who I have acted and danced with at the Waterville Opera House. He is currently playing the Fiddler in 'Fiddler on the Roof'. When I asked him to be my husband for a day, he was all for it!

We made the drive down in Chad's Cold Blue Steel mobile (his Mazda 5) and when we got there we waited, maybe, 15 minutes and it was time for the scene!

We filmed the same scene about 20 times and it took about 2 hours. The lighting had to be perfect. The lines had to be read. Crossovers needed to be made. Our grape juice level in our glasses had to always be the same.

The hardest part was miming talking to one another. We still wound up whispering and laughing. In fact, Jim was afraid they were going to come over to us and tell me to stop using my hands when I talk. I can't help it. I'm Italian!

We wrapped it up by 10:30 we were paid in cold hard cash! $50---score! I dropped Jim off around 11:30. It was nice to catch up with an old friend. I told him to thank Chris for letting me borrow him for an evening.

You probably won't see our faces. You'll probably see us from the shoulders down. But at least we were there!

There will be more opportunities for acting in Maine. Two more movies are filming next year and I will make sure you all know about them.