They say in the last five years, the number of bees, especially honey bees, has been on the decline. In fact, I know a farm in central Maine that had about 20 beehives and about 2 years ago the bees just stopped coming.

I was kind of worried. If you haven't seen 'Bee Movie', then you really don't understand the concept of why bees are so important. You see, without them nothing can grow! As much as I am scared of them, I at least know we need them.

But what did I deserve to get so many??

I couldn't get very many pictures because, well, they kept hopping from bloom to bloom in my garden. And they sure have a lot to choose from! My garden is going to have about a billion tomatoes!

Has anyone else noticed how bees are back like crazy this year? I lifted a leaf to check on the spaghetti squash and bees just flew out! There's no nest (Thank goodness) to be found but they are very happy in my garden.

Gee, the picking of the veggies should be fun...NOT!


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