Chad, the kids and I insert a half hour family time by watching 'Diggers'. The show features two men who have metal detectors and search for buried treasure! And these treasures, no matter how small, mean so much to them.

The kids love it when KG 'King George' Wyant and Tim 'Ringy' Saylor go wild over something they have found. It could be as small as a roundball from a gun to a hunk of metal from an old car. It doesn't matter. They are always excited to find SOMETHING.

And I was excited to have a brief tweet with Ringy the other day.

Twitter is a pretty cool thing. It lets you connect with your favorite stars in television, music and movies. If you are the lucky recipient of a FAVORED tweet or a RETWEET (think Ellen Degeneres' Oscar selfie) by a star it can really make your day!

As we were watching 'Diggers' the ability to tweet Ringy came up on the screen.

So I did.

And fans of the show decided to like my tweet and even Ringy, himself, responded. The kids were so excited! They thought I actually KNEW him. Not really, kids, but it would be kind of cool!

Here is our conversation on Twitter. Reach out to YOUR favorites on Twitter! You can also find ME on Twitter at @SharonBDixonRd.

Photo by Sharon Buck